The rolling hills, sweeping forests and sparkling ponds are a sanctuary for some of California’s most beloved wildlife creatures, such as deer, quail and geese. The Haven is proud to share the ranch's natural elegance with others for a few select events annually. Our hope is to partner with individuals who have a love for nature and will appreciate the rareness of the untouched raw beauty. The exclusive experience on this California coastal land is truly a rareness in the modern world we live in.  

50 acres of Eucalyptus trees planted in the 1800s

Our family has a deep passion for nature conservation. The Haven property has been at the forefront of soil and riparian preservation practices. We utilize sustainability enhancing tools, such as solar panels for a clean energy source. The hope is to do our part in preventing climate change. In fact, the family has been involved with third party agencies conducting the land use Climate Change Conservation Research Project. 

 Protection of California native and endangered wildlife species is a strong focus. We have worked with local agencies to create protected habitats for these special animals, such as a coho salmon preserve in our Walker Creek Watershed. 

 Each piece of conservation is uniquely important to preserving our precious resources. We know when different tools for land stewardship are put into practice together, they make a powerful and impactful difference for future generations to enjoy the beautiful property. 

Walker Creek Watershed

Walker Creek Watershed

Riparian Conservation

Protected habitat creates a new home for endangered coho salmon. The ranch has installed over 25,000 feet of fencing to create secluded native plant regions which have historically been in danger of being overtaken by invasive species. Grade stabilization projects were implemented to defend creek banks and the natural layout of the land. 

This is also the location of educational and fun filled days for school children who are interested in land preservation.  Through Students and Teachers Restoring A Watershed (STRAW),  watershed restoration provides habitats for fish, birds and other wildlife. The practice also prevents creek bed erosion.

Estimates of STRAW benefits, for every mile of creek restoration,  to the climate include the removal of approximately 290 tons of carbon dioxide equivalents from the atmosphere - every year. This is comparable to taking 55 cars off the road every year. 

Purebred Angus Beef Cattle

Purebred Angus Beef Cattle

Solar Panels & Responsible Livestock Care

Our pastures are home to free range and grazing Angus beef cattle and a flock of sheep. Grazing rotation plans allow the animals to enjoy a natural life style while caring for the land itself in a responsible manner.  

The family installed a remote solar system to deliver fresh, pure spring water to livestock throughout the ranch. In keeping with being stewards of the land and providing ultimate comfort and care to livestock, animals have access to water wherever they roam on the ranch. Over 5,000  feet of water line deliver spring water through a system powered by the solar panels. 

This property is unique in the vast amount of natural spring locations. No matter the season, natural springs bubble year round. Where springs occur naturally, developments throughout the ranch capture some of Earth's most pure and refreshing water for all to enjoy.