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Considerations for an Earth Friendly Event

We can all agree special events - whether it is wedding planning, an anniversary celebration or a company party - take a village. This is not just referring to the enthusiastic input from your excited mother-in-law or the extra coffee runs from your office’s eager intern during planning meetings. I am talking about the two-way influence between yourself and your village, your community … and the impact you can leave behind after the last guest is gone.

If you are fortunate enough to plan your event at a venue in Northern California, one of the most beautiful locations in the United States, we invite you to join us in considering the following in your wedding planning and corporate retreat designing:

  1. Your special date will be fabulous and so meaningful for you and your loved ones. For a wedding, it is truly a once in a lifetime event that is a start of a lifelong journey. Sit down and have a deep conversation with your partner: what can be done to make sure your wedding day is representative of a life with purpose?

  2. Marin County is abundant with beautifully preserved open spaces. We hope the next generation, and so many beyond, can continue to enjoy the pureness of nature you will find at farm event venues, such as The Haven. Having awareness of how to make your event carbon neutral, while still amazingly elegant, is an amazing gesture to your family and friends.

  3. Less stuff, more meaning. Today’s couples are adding more depth and only the traditional elements which resonate to their union. Key features might include special locally-sourced cuisine or unique and minimalist decor.